Matthias Beitl

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Web Developer

Vienna, Austria


Matthias is a front-end web craftsman who indulges Cascading Style Sheets and their friends.
If you are into coding you will find him as @cssence on the Internet.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal details

Matthias Beitl
3121 Karlstetten, Austria

Work experience

October 2017 – Present

George Labs GmbH, a subsidiary of Erste Group,
25+ employees; in Vienna, Austria.

ongoing Ideation & Development
  • Implementing a design pattern library for the most-talked-about Austrian online banking.
  • Establishing web accessibility guidelines and integrating them into aforementioned design pattern library.
  • Responsible for the company’s website.

December 2015 – June 2017

TRINN Consulting GmbH
<10 employees; in Vienna, Austria.

2015-2017 Consulting, Ideation & Development
  • Consulting clients in technical aspects, focusing on digital innovation.
  • Managing projects.
  • Developing working prototypes for clients and the company’s portfolio.
  • Responsible for the company’s server and website.

December 2012 – November 2015

BeeOne GmbH, a subsidiary of Erste Group,
25+ employees; in Vienna, Austria.

2012-2015 Ideation, Research & Development
  • Developing working prototypes to visualize new features, to be used either standalone or to be potentially incorporated into the most modern banking experience in the region.
  • Coming up with innovative approaches for financial services and presenting them at the R&D team meetings of Erste Hub.
  • Administrating the company’s website and parts of the server landscape.
  • Contributing to the further development of the websites of Erste Group.
  • Contributing to front-end web development for solutions used in-house at Erste Bank Austria.
  • Responsible for MONEY, an interactive quiz for a financial literacy initiative coordinated by the European Savings and Retail Banking Group in Brussels (currently running in Austria and France).
  • Member of MobeyForum.

April 2006 – November 2012

s IT Solutions AT Spardat GmbH,
1,000+ employees; in Vienna, Austria.

2010–2012 Web Development
  • Front-end web development for the Group Portal, a themeable platform, foundation for the bank websites in the respective countries, from Austria to Romania, including non-bank companies.
  • Mobile app prototyping with PhoneGap.
  • CMMI “Programming Guidelines Officer” for HTML/CSS and Javascript.
  • Providing expertise on HTML5 and CSS3 for the refactoring of the Austrian online banking, carried out by Nagarro.
  • Speaking about topics such as Mobile UI Design, Responsive Web Design, and
  • teaching web technologies at the company’s software engineering academy.
2008–2010 Software Development
  • Developing software for loan applications, written in Java.
  • Technically responsible (by proxy) for operational risk applications.
  • Contributing to openXMA, the company’s web framework, released under the Eclipse Public License.
2006–2008 Business Analysis
  • Designing solutions for statutory reporting applications to route data to the Austrian National Bank, in order to make way for XBRL — an open specification to describe financial information.

March 1997 – March 2006

Sparkassen Datendienst GmbH,
500+ employees; in Vienna, Austria.

2003–2006 Web Development
  • Developing a web content management framework for the Austrian Savings Banks, written in Tcl/Tk.
  • Designing and developing features for special purpose websites, such as Youth and Real Estate.
  • Supervising the technical integration of the enterprise content management system “Documentum” by EMC².
2001–2003 Product Ownership
  • Responsible for the interbank clearing solution, processing domestic payments by a total of more than €1bn per day.
1997–2001 Software Development
  • Developing software for domestic payment systems, written in Assembler and Cobol.
  • Participating in major projects such as Y2K and the two-step Austrian Euro Conversion (book money and cash).

Education & Certificates

  • 1996 Senior High School graduation at HTBLuVA in St. Pölten.
  • 2000 Awarded with the Austrian professional title “Engineer” by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Labour.
  • 2005 Certified Java Programmer (SCJP 1.4) by Sun Microsystems.
  • 2010 Certified Java Programmer (SCJP 6) by ORACLE.
  • 2011 IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering.
  • ongoing Regular web conference attendee; An Event Apart, CSS Day, etc.


  • German: native.
  • English: fluent.


  • Technical consulting, focusing on innovation.
  • Project management, favoring agile methodologies.
  • Requirements management.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Web development according to web standards.


Passionate about barrier-free web development as well as state-of-the-art user interface design, especially in regards to web applications.

Spare time interests include minimalism and degrowth, with some long distance running and reading on the side.